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An Unpickable Wedgie
I have big trouble with bullies, jocks, 2 older brothers, girlfriend's brothers, and even sometimes my sister giving me wedgies until my undies rip every day. My older brothers hanging wedgie me about 3 times every week, jocks at lunch wedgie me until my boxers rip every day, bullies are basically jocks but some other kids wedgie me even more. On a daily basis I would say I get about 10 wedgies a day. The Jocks just make it one long wedgie and hold me in the air until my boxers rip, bouncing me a couple times and dropping me then lifting me back up, and my brothers hanging wedgie me on a hook in my room that I haven't escaped once in about 100 hanging wedgies. Well about my sister today she was watching me my second oldest brother Nick, and my 2 little brothers Cody and Devon. I was watching T.V. in my room when my little brother Cody came in and snuck behind me and flicked my ears from the back. When I was chasing him I accidentally ran into my sister when she was carrying a drink it went all over her. She got so pissed she didn't know what to do and when I was smaller she and my two brother's Nick and Julian would get around me spaced out and at the same time they would lift me off the ground by a wedgie. Well since I am bigger than she is and she can't lift me, my three brothers and her taped my legs and hands together. Then she stood up on a chair and had to do the same. She took me and hung me on a coat hook in the living room. Then she took the chair from under me and I was suspended by a wedgie. I had received this a hundred times from Julian and Nick, but what made it so embarrassing is that my friend Vince came over and saw hanging so he said he would come back later as he left I heard him crack up. When I fell, my two big brothers and sister wouldn't untape me. I sat there for 25 minutes with the wedgie still up my ass, until they decided it was enough.

Andy and Jon Wrestle (And I Win)
This story takes place at Jon's house when we were all about 13. Me, Jon, and Andy (who I haven't mentioned before) were all wrestling in the basement. At one point Andy and Jon were wrestling and I looked away. When I looked back Andy was lying in the middle of the floor with his red sweatpants around his ankles and Jon was laughing and running away. Andy was really embarrassed by it and pulled up his pants as quick as he could. Me and Jon were both laughing at him from opposite sides of the room and he got really angry, but instead of going after Jon, he tackled me. I hit the cement and it took me a minute to stand up, mostly because I was so shocked. By the time I got up, Jon and Andy were fighting again. I yelled out, "Why the hell did you do that?" and they stopped. I ran got in Andy's face and yelled at him some more. I was really pissed off. Jon decided to relieve the tension by pantsing Andy from behind. When Andy bent over to grab his pants I pushed his head down and grabbed his waistband. After a few seconds of struggling to get his head locked between my legs, and him trying to decide whether to deal with his pants or his wedgie, I ended up behind him. I pulled up on his briefs until I lifted him off the ground and then let go of them. He stumbled over to the corner and tried to simultaneously pull up his pants and pull out his wedgie. He couldn't do it(and these are sweatpants people). Me and Jon began laughing hysterically. After about thirty seconds of attempting this, Andy finally chose to pull his pants up first.

Another Baby-Sitter Wedgie
We were arguing over what to watch on TV, one night, and I said(just to provoke him) "What are you going to do, wedgie me if I don't want to watch this?" He laughed and said "O.K.!" Before I could run away(sometimes I led him on chases, he gave better wedgies afterwards) he had grabbed my arms and pulled me face down on the couch. He got me in kind of a wrestling lock thing, his legs were around my arms and I was face down. My struggling must have exposed my boxer's waistband, since the next thing I felt was my waistband sliding up my back. He pulled up for a while, probably enjoying the "ah!" sounds I was making. A couple of times he grabbed at the boxers leg holes after they were exposed by his pulling on the waistband. When they wouldn't go up any further, he stopped pulling. I think my waistband was about 3/4 up my back. I thought he was going to let me up, but he just moved me so I could see the TV, and kept me held down. I watched TV wedgied until I was supposed to go to bed, and naturally went pretty quietly!

Another Sleepover with Some Revenge
We got out of school earlier than most schools for the Christmas break, so I've already been to a sleepover at Dan's house. It was a one-night sleepover this time, Wednesday morning to Thursday morning. This time it was (in order of size), Dan, AJ, Me and Bob (we're the same size), and Mike. (If you don't know who Bob is, he's my wedgie buddy). I didn't get any wedgies at all during the day, but I did get partial revenge on Dan. Bob and me snuck up behind Dan while he was making lunch and got his boxers up to his shoulder blades, then we ran away. After dinner, though, it was a completely different story. Dan made a bet with us: he bet us that he, AJ, and Mike would be able give us both atomic wedgies, front and back, with a few side wedgies thrown in, all at the same time. The price: any wedgie of choice for as long as we wanted. In other words, if they won, then they already got to see us have atomic wedgies, and if we won, we could do whatever we wanted. However, if we tried to escape our wedgies, then Dan would perform a special wedgie on us. Well, we didn't think that they would be able to, so we told them that we would accept their challenge and willingly get wedgied by them. Dan's dad has a lot of muscle in his hip area, so he does have … generously proportioned underwear. Dan got four sets of his dad's briefs, which were HUGE. Bob and I protested: "You never told us that you would use your dad's underwear!". All he said was "I never told you I wouldn't use my dad's underwear. " He made me and Bob each put on two sets of briefs, one forward (which was underneath), and one backwards (which was on top). Then AJ went at the front and grabbed the waistband of the outer pair of briefs, and Dan went at the back and grabbed the waistband of the inner pair of briefs. They each stood on a chair with me in between and pulled. Within a minute they had it over my head, and I wasn't allowed to pick it out otherwise I would get the "special" wedgie. They repeated the steps with Bob, but I couldn't see it, I could only hear the occasional groan. Dan said "I never told you how long you had to have it in for" and left the room with AJ and Mike. After about 15 minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore and just took out the wedgie and told Bob to do the same. I told him "Dan's special wedgie can't be much worse than this. " But Oh was I wrong. We got dressed again and walked downstairs. Dan was surprised to see us. He said "All right, wedgie time" but AJ stopped him. He grinned evilly "Let's wait till tonight. " Sure enough, at night, they woke us up at 12:00 and made us get into our briefs. Then he brought us into the closet. He made us stand on chairs, facing away from each other, with a coat hanger between us. The others had a good hold on the front of our briefs just in case we had any attempt at leaving. Dan tied our briefs together at the back and then pulled the chairs from under us. He then tied our hands and feet together in front of us. Then he left us and went to sleep along with AJ and Mike. This he named the teeter-totter wedgie for a good reason. Since our briefs were tied together, we had control over each other's wedgies. If I went on my tiptoes, Bob would also be on his tiptoes. If I relaxed and put my feet on the floor flat, Bob would be suspended in midair. Bob was first to fall asleep; so then I was suspended in midair and had to try to sleep like that. Dan let us down at about 8:00 am. He told us that if the sleepover had gone on for longer, he would have done the front.

Counselor's Revenge
I go to a summer camp for 4 weeks every summer. It is a sleep-away camp. One day, when I walked into my bunk I saw that one of my counselors is laying on my bed, asleep. He is on his stomach and his boxers are just above his shorts. I tiptoe over to where he is and decide to have some fun. I grab his boxers and he farts! He doesn't wake up though. I grab his boxers again, and this time I get to pull them up to his upper-back. I heat him moan and grunt and he turns over to see that it was I that gave him the wedgie. Well, let's just say that that was the last bit of fun I had. He got up and quickly grabbed me. He throws me down on my bed so I am on my back, and then straddles me so that he is facing my head. He sits down so I can't move. To give you an idea of his size, he is 6' tall, weighs 200lbs and is the wrestling instructor at camp. He first lifts up my shirt and gives me a melvin and then flips me onto my stomach while he sits on my butt. He then gives me a normal wedgie and won't stop pulling. He tells me that unless I put on his underwear he won't stop pulling. I don't see how that is worse, so I put on his underwear. Well, now that I'm wearing big underwear, he pulls my boxers above my head. He flips me back over and gives me a melvin over my head. It is like I'm in side of a bag. He leaves for a moment, but I can't escape before he returns. He opens the "bag", and pours in all of his smelly undershirts and underwear. He then ties the "bag" up and leaves the bunk. When, he returns, he is with another counselor. This counselor is not as tall, or as heavy, but to give you an idea, he is the weight-training instructor. My counselor lets me get out of his underwear and I get into my own. I finally have fresh air! The other counselor, Lubitz, grabs my head and shoves it between his thighs. He bends his knees so he is sitting on my head and his feet are in my face. I tell him that his feet smell awful and he tells me that that's not all I'll be smelling. My counselor goes around behind Lubitz and sits on the floor straddling us. His butt is right next to my face. The two of them continue to fart until finally they let me go an hour later, and tell me never to do what I did. Even though I went through all of that torture, I think that it was almost worth doing to see the look on my counselor's face. The ironic part of this story is that my counselor's last name is Heine, which is pronounced just like "hiney!"

Counselor's Revenge, Part 2
As I said last time, even though he my counselor had tortured me, I enjoyed seeing his reaction, and this is the story of how I get him a second time. When I enter my bunk, I see that only my counselor is there, and he, again, is asleep. I walk up to him and give him a wedgie and before he can get up, I tie his arms together. It was hilarious, but somehow, he got out and I was in for it. He body-slammed me on my bed, and continued to lay on me for a couple of minutes. He strips me of my clothes so that I'm only in my boxers. He ties me to the bed for a second just to get his laundry. When he returns he sits on me again and unties me. he pulls out his 5 pairs of dirty boxers and shoves 2 in mouth, and the other 3 go over my head. This was not bad enough, he then gives me a melvin up to my chest. I begin to think that he is letting me go when he pulls of all of the boxers, but he instead sits on face. Even when he wasn't farting, it smelled bad. He tells me that he'll let me go if I give this other counselor a wedgie. I remember what happened the last time I did what he told me to, but I just wanted to get his smelly a$$ off of my face. I had to wedgie this other counselor that was about the same height and weighed more, but wasn't as strong. However, he was known for his bad farts. Heine calls in the other counselor and as he walks in, I grab and give him a big wedgie. He screams and then pushes me into my counselor's room. He throws me down and sits on me. He is so heavy, about 230 pounds!!! He then gives me this weird wedgie where he shoves a pillow into my boxers and wedgies me; it actually felt good. He saw that I was in a good mood so he removed the pillow and gave me an atomic wedgie. While I'm getting myself out of the wedgie, he brings Heine in the room. Gabe, the other counselor, lays face down on the bed, and Heine picks me up. He puts my head inside of Gabe's shorts so that only his boxers separate me from his butt. Heine then lays on me and Gabe farts, I can see why he is famous for farting. They tell me that they only want to do one more thing. Heine gets off, removes my head and actually places it in his boxers. My nose is in his hairy crack! Heine then sits right on my head to wedge my nose in farther. I thought I was going to pass out when Gabe farted; I could taste it. When all of this was over, my nose was brown. Heine and Gabe told me that I was the only one ever shoved in Gabe's butt, and he only one that had his face smashed by their a$$es.

One on One with Heine
If you've read the stories of me and my counselor giving wedgies to each other, you know that I like giving wedgies to him, but when he brings in other counselors, I get killed. So, one day, he comes up to me and tells me that he'll give me a chance to go 1 on 1. I agree because even if I lose, it will be fun. We make sure that no one is around and we start. I actually get to wedgie him first. I melvin him right as we start. Then, he grabs me and gives me a bear hug. He lays me on his bed, and then sits on my back. He grabs my boxers and yanks them to my upper back. When he gets off of me, I wedgie him again and get out of his reach before he has a chance to get me. I actually get him again with a melvin, but this time he is able to catch me. He places my head between his thighs and squeezes real hard. He wedgied me and then bent his knees until he was sitting on my head. He pulled the wedgie in farther, and as he was pulling, he farted. I then got off my best wedgie on him, I wedgied him and while he trying to remove the wedgie, I tie his wrists to his bed, and tape his cheeks together. I then grab his dirty laundry and take out all of the boxers. I shove them in his face along with all of his undershirts. He tells me that now he is going to try his hardest now that I've done that to him. I thought that he already was trying his hardest, but I soon found out that he wasn't. I untie him to give him a chance, and as soon as I do, he lays on me. I can't move, he weighs too much. He warns me of his final torture. It is called Heine's Stench Press. He gave me a monster wedgie and tied my cheeks together. He put me on his bed in the corner of the room. He then untaped my cheeks so I could have the full effect of the Heine's Stench Press. He has a hook in the corner of the room above his bed and he hangs my boxers on it. I'm sitting on the hook, and Heine sits on me. This gives me a huge wedgie because it pushes me all the way on the bed with my boxers still hung up. He removes his shirt and his boxers, but leaves on his shorts. He sits on me again, but this time I have his sweaty, hairy arm pits in my face. This was enough stench for me. He let out some gas, "to get in the mood." He continued to torture me by sittin on me in all different ways, and continuing to wedgie me farther. He once again sat on me and grabbed his laundry from where he was sitting. He grabbed the bag as well, and put me in it. He put all of his dirty clothes in it except for the boxers he had just taken off. My head was still outside the bag and he placed the boxers over my head. HE cuts 2 holes in the bottom for my legs. He hangs it on his bedpost and it is giving me a wedgie because of the leg holes going up my butt. He leaves me like this for 10 minutes until he removes the boxers that are in my face. He gives himself a self-wedgie and I had to laugh. He actually gets it so there is only an orange line up and down his crack. I soon found out that this was to torture me. He leans against the post I am on to press himself against me. He leans against the bed post harder to press my face in farther into his wedgie. He rips one last fart and this was the worst one yet. He says that that was the end of the Heine Stench Press. He shoves my whole body in the laundry bag and ties it shuts for an hour. He finally lets me go and tells me that we could do it again if I want.

Freezing Wedgie
I was at a sleep over (as many of the stories start). At sleepovers I usually sleep in my clothes, however it was very hot that night and I had a winter sleeping bag, which did not help much. So I figured that since the chances of some one seeing me where not very good that I would sleep in my underwear. That by its self was not my biggest mistake, there are two more the first of which is I fell asleep first, the second is unzipping my sleeping bag. After I had fallen asleep my friends put my underwear in water and then put them in the freezer (apparently) and then put them back on. They could have stopped there but they didn't. They then put a banana down there and gave me a dangling wedgie on a tree in the back yard, they also tied me up and ducked taped my moth to make sure I did not go any where. I was dangling there in my red briefs for along time they made sure that the wedgie was not quite bad enough to rip my underwear. I think it was about 1:00 AM when they put me out there, it was about 2:30 when one of them finally let me down (he was not nice enough to untie me, and no one would tell me where my cloths where or where my sleeping bag was until the next day.)

Friend's First Wedgie
I was 13, and a friend of mine was over, I'll call him Sam. I'd had Josh as a baby-sitter a few times(with a few wedgies), he was there watching us that night. Sam didn't horse around much, he was the quiet, shy type. Anyway, Josh, Sam and I were all watching TV, and Josh was fooling around as always. In a few minutes, Josh got me pinned to the ground, grabbed my boxer-briefs and hiked up. I reacted in the usual "young wedgie receiver way" squirming and giggling. I was laughing while fixing my wedgie, and just for the hell of it said "Hey, that's not fair, giving me a wedgie and leaving Sam alone." Sam was looking kind of nervous, he was smiling anxiously. Josh said "That's right" and ran at Sam. Sam tried to run away, but Josh threw him onto the (carpeted) ground, sat on his back, grabbed at his exposed brief's waistband and yelled "wedgie time!" He started hiking up slowly, but Sam's arms were flailing, so he tied his sweatshirt sleeves together and continued wedgieing. Sam was laughing his head off. After Sam's undies were about halfway up his back, Josh got up, and Sam seemed to enjoy flopping around, struggling until his arms were free and trying to fix his wedgie.

Happy Birthday Wedgie
I was over at my friend's house for his birthday sleepover. However, only one other kid was sleeping over besides me. When everyone else left, I was alone with the other two, let's call them Mike and Nick. Mike and Nick are both much bigger than I am although we were all around 5'8"-5'10". If I had to guess, Mike is 165 pounds and Nick is 190 pounds compared to my 130 pounds. We were just hanging out when Mike got the urge to wrestle. It started out fine because Mike and I were both ganging up on Nick. He was getting creamed until Nick tackled me. I was lying on the floor and Mike tackled Nick who just happened to land on me. He sat up and saw that my boxers were showing. He sat on my back and gave a quick heave. My boxers went up to my mid-back and Nick screamed out "Wedgie War!" We all got into a corner and waited for someone to move. It was Mike and he went towards Nick. I went with him and while He reached for Nick's boxers, I grabbed his and pulled. I let go and saw that Nick was laughing so I gave one to him too. Now remember that they weigh a combined 355 pounds to my 130. They were both mad at me so they decided to get me. Mike grabbed me from behind and waited for Nick to recover. Nick then pushed my head down and locked it between his thighs. Mike let go and Nick grabbed my boxers and pulled them up to my neck. I was grunting loudly and he began to squeeze his legs. I was wondering where Mike was and soon found out that he had been behind me the whole time and when Nick let my head loose, they sandwiched me between them. This wedgie war went on or about an hour and I, by far, was getting the most. Nick-13 Mike-17 Me-38 I could see that Mike was about to try to give Nick an atomic wedgie so I ran behind Mike to watch. Unfortunately, the wedgie wasn't atomic, but it was fun to hear Nick scream. I, then, grabbed Mike and gave him a wedgie. About fifteen minutes later, I tried to give a hanging wedgie to Nick but he was just too heavy. When I lifted, I fell backward and he fell right on top of me. The only part of my body that was visible was my face. Mike then saw the opportunity and sat on my face. At this point, we were all tired so we made a truce. The down side was that since I lost, they made me do whatever they wanted for the rest of the night. This included being sat on and farted on. The worse part of this was that the final count of wedgies: Nick-45 Mike-52 Me-91

One of the other incidents that I remember well was initiaion. The November camping trip was when initiations were always held. We always went to the same camp, a place that had a dozen small 6 person cabins. There were 5 of us new kids, we were put in one cabin, with a kid from the senior patrol (SP). We knew that this was initiation weekend, but didn't know what would happen. About half an hour after lights out, the other 5 SP members came in from their cabin. They got us out of bed and had us dress. After they tested us on some scouting stuff we had to memorize, we started. They had us line up, and the 1st person (Bill) turn around. The 2nd person (me) had to give Bill a wedgie, and had to lift him off of the ground. I had one minute to get him off the ground. If I couldn't, then the SP would use me to demonstrate how to do it. I couldn't lift Bill off of the ground (I don't think many 11 year olds could lift someone their same size off, at least, none of us were able to). So, Bill got 1 minute of wedgies with me trying to lift him. Since I had failed, each of the six SP's gave me a major hanging wedgie. The last one also gave me a hanging melvin. Bill moved to the end of the line. They had me pull my underwear out of my crack. They Gary, who was third in line, had 1 minute to wedgie me, and lift me off of the ground. He failed, and was then given 6 hanging wedgies, and a hanging melvin by the SP's. This continued down the line until everyone had been done. As I said, everyone failed. We then went on what they called the "sticky hike". They took maple syrup and poured in down the front, sides, and back of our underwear. They pulled our underwear up as high as they could (all sides), and tighted our belts as much as possible. This prevented the underwear from settling back down. We then were taken on a night hike. We hiked for about 45 minutes with our underwear riding high. We arrived back at the cabin after the hike. We were told to take all our clothes off except underwear. They then poured the rest of the maple syrup in our hair and all over us. They tied us together (they normally tie 2 kids together, but since there was five, it was 2 and 3) and stuck us in a sleeping back for the night. So I spent the night in my underwear, sticky with maple syrup, tied to Bill and Todd. They got us up before everyone else in the morning, had us bring clean clothes, and took us down to the creek to clean up. Let me just say the trying to get maple syrup out of your hair and off your body, at 6am, in cold water, in November without clothes is not exactly fun. The day was a little calmer than the night. The other non senior patrol, non new kids were permitted to give us wedgies, noogies, and titty-twisters at any time. They were looking forward to it since they had been through it themselves. I probably got 25 or 30 wedgies over the course of the day. That night after lights out, we were lined up and told that each of us would be asked 20 questions about stuff we would need for Tenderfoot. Each wrong answer would be 1 minute. The one with the most wrong answers would have his time doubled. The questions were asked. Poor Paul. He answered only 6 right 14 wrong giving him a time of 28 minutes. I had answered 12R 8W and was paired with Gary who had gotten more right than me. The other two's worst score was 15R 5W. They tied our hands together, pulled our underwear up to expose the leg holes, tied one end of the rope to my underwear, ran it up under my shirt, threw it over one of the beams in the ceiling, tied the other to Gary's underwear, and let us down. We were hanging off the ground by about two feet, each providing the weight that was wedgieing the other. They hung Paul straight off the beam. They let Bill and Todd down after 5 minutes, me and Gary after 8. Paul was still hanging and obviously in pain. After they let us down, they told us that if any one of the four of us would voluteer to go back up for 5 minutes, they would let Paul down after 14. No one said anything. They asked us Didn't we feel sorry for Paul, Didn't we want to help him. We did, but not if it meant us going back up. They kept pressing us. Finally, Todd said he would. They asked if he was sure, he said yes. They let Paul down. They had Paul thank Todd, and asked us if we wanted to say anything to Paul. We didn't. Instead of then hanging Todd, they let him go and took us and hung each of the three of us for five minutes. They said it this would teach us to that we had to help each other. (All it taught me was not to trust the SP's). After then let us down, they told Paul and Todd they could go back to bed. They had brought in two buckets of mud. They made me, Bill, and Gary cover strip to our underwear, and then cover each other from head to toe in mud. They they took what was left and dumped it down the front of our underwear. They tied us together, and I spent a second night in a sleeping bag tied to two guys. The next morning was another chilly repeat of bathing in freezing water. Sunday, just before we were to break camp, we were gathered together. I'm thinking great, what next? Instead, we were told we that we had completed initiation, and welcomed into the troop.

Josh Gets Wedgied by the Baby-Sitter
When I was 14, I had an 18 year old baby-sitter named Josh. He was pretty cool, horsed around a lot, and of course wedgied me. Here's one story: We were in my room playing a racing video game. I was being kind of bratty, I'll admit-trying to distract him, that kind of thing. Finally, he said, "if you cheat one more time, you're getting a wedgie." Naturally, I couldn't resist. So just before the next race ended, I yanked his controller out of the game console. "That's it!" he said, smiling, and pulled me to my feet, spun me around, and grabbed the back of my boxer-briefs. He pulled up with both hands, easily lifting me to my tiptoes. I was struggling, and making those "ah...ah" sounds. Now, Josh was really strong, and I was pretty light for a 14-year old. When my boxer-briefs got up to my midback, he let go of them with one hand and lifted my feet off the ground. He was carrying me! He carried me over to this basketball hoop I've got in my room, lifted me up and put me in it, butt-first. I was stuck and wedgied. "That's what you get for cheating, " he said. I couldn't pull myself out, and I couldn't reach my wedgie to fix it. He watched me struggle for a bit, then lifted me out saying "I just hoped you learned your lesson" Needless to say, I didn't, and our wedgie-baby-sitter sessions would go on for a while.

Party Pocket Wedgie
This was the craziest wedgie I have ever received. OK, every time I go to my friend's house for a party, he gives me insane wedgies, just for fun, but they sometimes really hurt. This time, it was a sleepover, and you know what can happen at a sleepover. As soon as I got to his house, he made some crazy threats. I thought it was a joke but it wasn't. First, he wedgied me hard, hung my on a coat hanger and locked me in that closet. This was for about 15 minutes and I don't know why but I couldn't get down from this insane wedgie. Then, after that, he said, "That's enough for the night." But it wasn't. This is probably the reason why wedgies don't hurt me as much as they used to. He called this wedgie the "pocket wedgie." So, at night, I got changed by first taking my shirt off. At this point he whipped my tighty-whities way up from behind, about up to my shoulder. He got my other friends to do the sides and front all at the same time. The pair of shorts I was wearing on top of this had an elastic waist, so the undies would stay hiked up. Anyway, it was late, and we were all tired, but they didn't give up. Despite my struggles, I think the odds were against me (7 to 1) and they ended up winning. Since they wedgied me so hard, my legloops were showing and they made me put my arms not down my shorts, but through the legloops. Then, they tied my hands together at the back. Every time I tried to get out by pulling up, I just gave myself a wedgie. Then they tied my feet together and threw me in bed and duck taped my mouth. Everyone went to sleep and I was forced to sleep in this huge wedgie!! All night, I was cold, but I couldn't get my blanket back over me because I was all tied up. This was an insane wedgie, and that night I had a wedgie dream. The entire dream these guys were just wedgieing me. I wonder what inspired that dream... After that one Pocket Wedgie, they left me to wake up on my own in the morning. They took off the duct tape and the ropes and let me have my own privacy to unpick. That day, they said they would make it up to me so they let me play their video games alone. Meanwhile, I didn't know it, but they were planning my demise. While I was playing they snuck up from behind and wedgied me hard. Without any support except my underwear, they dragged my all the way up the stairs. Then, in the bedroom, they lifted my off the ground (well just my legs came off: my arms were there for some minimal support) and put the waistband of my stretched not-so-tighty-whities over the bedpost. They then did the pocket wedgie again but this time my hands were tied up underneath me, instead of at my back. My legs were dangling, my mouth taped again, and my hands providing no support for the wedgie that was killing my butt. I'll have some more wedgie stories from my friend's parties. By the way, they did let me go after that and let me be for the rest of the party.

I was over at my friend's house today. She just got back from her boarding school. I am crazy about wedgies, and have always wanted to give a girl one. Since we have been friends for so long, I didn't think she would take it to seriously. It would be a hard wedgie tough, cause she is about 6 inches taller then me. I said we should make some wagers on the Ping-Pong game we were playing. We agreed that it would be a wedgie. I guess I got a little too excited, cause I started to suck and I lost 14 to 21 so she got to give me a wedgie, and she pulled my boxers up half way up my back. I asked for a rematch and she said she'd love to, so again I tried, but again my Ping-Pong skill had left me and she got to give me another wedgie, she pulled hard and high, and one leghole came above my pants, and she grabbed that and really pulled. It was painful, but I really wanted to give her a wedgie, it was now becoming a huge desire. But she said that she was sick of it, and as she tucked her panties way down and pulled her pants up, I knew I would never be able to give her one, so I ran over, and begged for one more game, but she kept saying no. I finally said that I would wear a pair of her panties, and she could rip them, and all I could do was give her a regular wedgie. She said she would, and I started trash talking, hoping that she might screw up, but she played better then she had the rest of the time and got 7 straight points to beat me. I was horrified. I went into the bathroom, put on these really skimpy little panties with laces and came out. She said that I had to bend over her bed. I did, but then she sat on my head making it impossible for me to get up. Then she pulled with all her might as the panties disappeared up my ass. it was mighty painful, and then she got a belt that was already on her bed, and slid it through the legholes of the panties. She said that if I ever trashed talked her like that again she'd rip my nuts off, but for now this was good enough, she used her height advantage and pulled the belt as high as she could while she was standing on the bed almost making it an atomic, so I also hopped on the bed to lessen the wedgie. Then she but her arms out and slid the top of the belt over the door, and I was on my tip toes on the bed. She got off the bed and laughed at me. She gave me a huge slap on the ass and then slowly started to close the door making me come of the bed. she then closed it s far as she could and left me hanging up there as she laughed. It was the most painful experience of my life.

Rec Room Wedgie
I am 14 if some of you didn't know that. But anyway, on Saturday I had my friend, Zach, come over. We usually wedgie each other but he is stronger and gets me more. We were upstairs in my rec room and he got an atomic wedgie on me and then tied me to a coffee table. Then he left and when he came back, he had a new pair of underwear for me. The only problem was, they were cartoon underwear in a big size but it was still hard for me to fit in them. He said I had to wear those the whole time he was there or he would give me another atomic so I get screwed. So I put em' on and we played air hockey for a bit. He was planning on sleeping over but then got sick and decided to go home. As soon as he left, I went my room to change and he had taken ALL of my underwear for ransom and left a note. We had a Boy Scout swimming thing the next day and he said I had to wear those there to get my underwear back. So, I figured he wouldn't give my underwear back and would do worse unless I did it and I had nothing else to wear. So today, we were in the locker room changing and as soon as I undressed to my underwear, he yelled for everyone to come over. I was so embarrassed but that wasn't the worst part. He said, oh yea, your underwear. So they dragged me outside to the pool and threw me in with all of my underwear. Everyone was laughing and looking at me and they wouldn't let me out, they just kept pushing me back in the pool. Every time I jumped up, they would grab my little cartoon briefs, hold me over the edge by them giving me a wedgie and then drop me. Now I even get made fun of in Boy Scouts.

Logan High School Story
The Logan high school story I don't know much about. All I know is he one by one got each of the basketball team alone, wrestled them into jocklocks, duct-taped their mouths, and then brought them, one by one, into the gym hall the period before assembly. When the assembly started, it was a Salute To Spring theme, and in the middle of the Head Girl's speech, this sound of "MMMMMMRPH"ing from behind the curtains was getting louder and louder. Finally, the curtains parted to reveal six-bareassed basketball team members jocklocked hanging from various flowers and trees, butts facing the audience, but slowly spinning around to show their panicked faces when they realized the whole school saw their predicament. It took about fifteen minutes for the janitor and their friends to get them down, but the laughing of the school went on forever. The part I never understood was why they didn't all just gang up on Logan afterwards and make him pay, but I guess he'd proven he was someone not to mess with.

School Wedgie
Yesterday, my school allowed us to wear our costumes. One kid was Superman. He had blue tights, red boots, a yellow belt and a red cape. The costume was all good expect for one thing, he was wear Adidas shorts instead of a Speed like supposedly Superman does. Well anyway, some people were talking to him about it and he said he was wearing Speedos under the shorts. After hearing this, the group got smart and grabbed him, pulled of the shorts and started wedgieing those Speedos up his buttcrack! Just imagine it, someone with blue tights on with a red Speedo disappearing up his butt!!! After a teacher broke the whole gang wedgie up he ran into the nearby bathroom and picked it out. Oh, how I wish I was him, hehehe.

Halloween Wedgie
Last night I was out with my friend Dan, we were driving over to a party and we had to stop at Dan's house so he could get something. We parked in the driveway as his little brother was coming out with a bunch of friends. I was in the car but I saw Dan arguing with his little brother. His brother's friends kept walking but Dan was saying something about his costume. Dan's brother was the girl from the Blair Witch Project, so he had a jacket, a backpack, and a flashlight in his face (I thought it was a good idea). All of a sudden Dan pulled the backpack over his head and held it over him so that this big hiking pack was on his head and he was doubled over. I knew Dan was always beating up on his brother so I kinda figured what was next. Dan grabbed the waistband of his brother's underwear and pulled. The kid is in like 5th or 6th grade (I think), but he was wearing those little kids briefs with the red waistband and the cartoon things on them. Dan held him for like a minute before grabbing the leg holes and giving a big final tug. Luckily the poor kid's friends were across the street and only saw from a distance, or else he would have been pretty embarrassed.

A High School Memory
Did Regretful really say I gave a lot of wedgies in high school and college? I don't remember giving many at all. There was once in high school that there was this one jerk who'd been pretty insulting to a friend of mine who was walking down the main stairs wearing black trackpants and, that day, the infamous "corner of underwear" poking out of the top. I could see it was red and blue. Temptation (and the desire for revenge) took over, and I snuck up behind him, and hoisted the pullover shirt over his head. Then I grabbed the underwear and pulled up. I realized as I yanked it up (and he dropped all his books with a howl), that the undies were Spider-Man underwear. In university, this would've been cool. In high school, it was considered totally embarrassing. So, naturally, my next move was dropping the trackpants so he was struggling around with his freckled butt wedgied by Spider Man, and his trackpants around his ankles. Sooooo many people saw him, and lemme tell you, he never picked on us again!

A Hanging Wedgie in Public
Yesterday I was at the movies with my girlfriend and her jock brother Troy. Well I was taking a piss all in the batrhroom, nobody else was there. I was washing my hands when Troy came in and saw that we were the only people there so he decided to humiliate me(he is one of the jocks that wedgies me every day at lunch).So he grab me by the elastic strapped Joe Boxers and looked around for a second then he decided to give me a hanging wedgie like my brother about 4 times a week. he hung me on one of the coat hooks in a stall, and tied my hands up with my shoe laces. I hung there about 7 minutes or so until my boxers gave away. I bet someone saw me in that amount of time because I am kind of tall and I heard people whispering to each other. When I got back my girlfriend asked if had a wedgie and if I wanted her to pick it for me. I said yes of course and under the circumstances the wedgie helped me get to make out with one of the hottest girls in the 9th grade(she looks like Britney Spears).This really happened and for once I was glad I got a hanging wedgie.

Church Wedgie
Last Sunday I was at church, I was wearing a suit and tie, and on the pants, I had suspenders instead of a belt. At sometime I had to go to the bathroom and there was 3 bigger guys in the bathroom and when I was done peeing, washing my hands, and drying my hands I noticed that one of the bigger guys was blocking the door. Then when I tried to walk to the door one guy held me. The other two took my shirt out of my pants and garbed the my blue Hanes briefs and pulled so hard I came off the ground. Then after they all wedgied me very hard the one guy took the part they had stretched out and tied it on my suspenders where the arm things begin. He then pulled even harder so that I got another hard pull on my underwear. After he had tied a knot I tried to pull to get it off but he tied it so that every time I pulled it just went further up my and when I looked in the mirror my legholes were showing. I couldn't get the knot out so I put my jacket on and went the rest of church with feeling like someone was still holding on to my underwear and when I sat down and pulled it felt like someone was still puling on them more. That's the most fun I've ever had at church!

At the beginning of the school year I was putting something in my locker when I saw this little sixth grader get picked on by this seventh grader. There were pushing him and stuff so I walked over to help him out. I walked over, yanked the one dude's shirt up, garbed his briefs and yanked them as high as they would go. Then he ran away unpicking it while everybody laughed at him. The sixth grader said thanks and I said no problem.

I was at Todd's house last week and we were wrestling. When he had me in a headlock he garbed my Calvin Klein briefs and pulled them up my back. He got them to 3/4 up my back when I got free. Then I got a hold of his Hanes briefs and got them very high. Then he called his older brother who was upstairs, their mom and dad were out so they could do what ever they wanted to me. His brother who ill call Billy came down, I let go and tried to run but his brother got me and gave me a huge wedgie. He was bouncing me up and down, then my underwear wouldn't go any higher so he let go.

I have given out dozens of wedgies but never received one. I give wedgies to my cousins, younger and smaller guys in school. Some guys just need their underwear pulled up their butts sometimes, this story happened just last week. I was at my friend's house and he has this little brother who can be so annoying, my friend John has given his brother wedgies, swirleys, even sometimes farts on his face to shut him up. This time his brother Tom wouldn't shut up he was following us all over the house, so John walked over and held him down. He asked me to hold him down for a minute, while I did that John got his brothers briefs and lifted them halfway up his back. John told me he was gonna get them over Toms head, we have tried a bunch of times on younger kids at school and his brother to get there underwear over there head but it never works, but we'll never stop trying. He got them to his neck and his underwear ripped so john pulled the elastic over his head. I'm gonna be posting more things we did to Tom.

Sleepover Wedgie
This wedgie happened while me and my friend had a sleepover. (We're 14) He was annoying me and kept yelling out just as I fell asleep. I was really tired. So, I leapt out of my bed and on top of him. I pulled off the cover, he was sleeping on his stomach. I sat on his. He slept in only T-shirt and briefs, so it was a perfect opportunity. So, I grabbed the back of his gray Kodiak briefs and yanked and yanked. I kept yanking hoping to teach him a lesson. Then, I grabbed both of his brief's legholes and yanked with all my strength. I did this a couple times but then he started groaning really loud. I didn't want him to wake my brothers up who were in the next room. (both 19) So I covered his mouth, rolled him over, and started giving him a huge Melvin. He kept groaning and pleading me to stop. So I did. He had learned his lesson and I didn't want brothers to come in, for fear of very painful wedgies and Melvins that would be given to me if I woke him up. My brother's will use any excuse to torture me. They love giving me wedgies. I've got a couple stories I'll share later. Anyway, I slept peacefully for the rest of the night.

Well, spring break kicked in and I was really bored. So was my brother. We were sitting in the TV room when he switched the channel. He was a little short tempered today so he got up and left. I laughed but 3 minutes later he comes back and drags me by my Joeboxers to his room. He has cleaned the whole floor and then he stripped me down to my boxers and wrapped the lower half of my body with saran wrap-TIGHT- then he gave me the mother of all wedgies, lifting me off the ground and then gave me a dangling thong wedgie. I was hurting so much and I barley moved. AND, I COULDNT PICK IT BECAUSE OF THE PLASTIC WRAP. So, my bro comes back with a camera takes a few pics with MY DIGITAL CAMERA. JOY WHAT I HAD TO ENDURE! ! BY THE WAY I HAD TO STAY LIKE THAT FOR 4 HOURS.

Syrup Wedgie
last summer I slept over at Chris' house with Kevin, nobody else could make it. when it was 12:00pm we were watching a movie and Adam came down, Adam is Chris' older brother. when Chris' went to the bathroom Adam told us his plan for a prank on Chris. the plan was that we would hold Chris while Adam poured syrup down his underwear and then give him a wedgie. so when Chris came back Adam hid and we said let's wrestle, so when we got Chris to the floor we held him there. then we said to Adam now! and Adam rushed out with the syrup. Chris tried to get up and when he did, he was just sort of bending over. Adam garbed his shorts and briefs and pulled them back, then poured syrup down Chris' undies and then gave Chris a huge wedgie. after about 1 minute, Adam let go and Chris ran to the bathroom. after like 5 minutes Chris came out and wearing a hand towel and went upstairs to change. that night when Chris was sleeping, we put his hand in warm water. we couldn't tell if he peed himself so we just poured the water on him. he woke up, was really mad, went upstairs and changed again. the end

Kid loved wedgies!
I had the strangest experience today with wedgies. It has been nice recently. So, my friends and me have been hanging out playing basketball. So, this younger brother of one of the guys starts mouthing off. His brother wedgies him. Pulls the kids boxer's way up out of his jean shorts. To our surprise, the kid goes that's no wedgie. The older brother does it again and again, and still the kid going is that all you got. Well in the end, we gave him the wedgie he wanted. All of us pulled his boxers almost over his head and stuck him by his boxers to the hoop. He hung there till they ripped. Fabric is still stuck up there.

Weight Room
A few of my friends and I were at the weight room after school. We had already done most of the stuff we were supposed too, all we had left was benching and squatting (when you put a weight on your back and squat repeatedly). We went to where you do squats and I was first then my friend Mike then it was Matt's turn. The bar is on a rack with several hooks to rest the bar on at different heights. Matt just finished his squats when his boxers showed over his pants. Mike and me looked at each other; then we grabbed Matt's underwear with both hands. I left for a second and got a folding chair. I grabbed Matt's boxers and hiked to his upper back. Mike set up the chair and said, "Let's hang him." That's what we did. Then, we removed the chair. We nearly died laughing cause we always do this stuff to Matt since he's the smallest. We heard footsteps and saw the girls' track team come in. They stopped in their tracks laughing. Some even poked him. Then his boxers ripped and he ran to the bathroom. He never did come back to bench press.

The Never Ending Wedgie
I was at Jake's house one day because my parents were out of town. His family and ours have always been friends. However, Jake is 17 and I'm only 14. I weigh 130 and he weighs 190. To make it worse, his parents would be gone for a few hours that day, leaving us alone. When the parents left, we were watching TV, and pro wrestling was on. He kept on telling me that he could do whatever they did. I finally asked him to prove it. He took of his shirt to show me his muscles and then he got into his tear away pants to look like some of the wrestlers. When he started doing the moves, it was O.K. because they were simple but then it came. In case you don't watch WWF, there is this fat guy named Rikishi that will shove his a$$ in your face while wearing a thong. Jake then did this to me but had no thong so he went naked. His next move was a body-slam that almost knocked me out. When he saw that I was tired, he picked me up and put my head between his thighs. I thought this was for wrestling but I was wrong. He gave me a wedgie that went up to my upper back. Then, he continued to pull for what seemed like an hour and when my boxers got over my forehead, he stopped. But he first tied my hands together behind my back. He left me like this for a while until he had regained his strength. He was now trying to shove me into a pillowcase. When he got so tired and realized it wouldn't work, he was sweating a lot. He laid me down on the floor and shoved his pits in my face. (Remember that I still have the atomic wedgie.) Finally, he stops and just puts me on the sofa and sits on me. This is much better than before I must say. He did fart a few times but that's OK. All of a sudden, his dad came home. His mom wasn't home though. When his dad heard all that was done to me, he told Jake to get up. Then, the dad went to another room and came back looking like a wrestler; he was even in spandex. He was extremely muscular and weighed around 230. I couldn't believe it, I was about to be tortured by an adult. He came over, put his butt in my face, and ripped one. It was worse than Jake's farts. He grabbed my wedgie and pulled it all the way around my chin! I was now blinded and the dad sat on my face. All I was hoping was that he wouldn't fart. I was wrong he wouldn't stop; he could do it whenever he wanted to. After about an hour of torture with the dad, the dad got up and Jake got on. Jake just sat on my face and farted for an hour and then they both let me go. That had to be my worst torture experience. Not only by Jake, but by a grown adult.

Wedgie Bet
I am reminded of a situation that happened when I was 14. I was playing basketball with a friend and he was beating me bad...I mouthed off that I was going to kick his butt and he said "wanna bet a wedgie on the game?"...I agreed, since I figured either way I would "win".... Well, as luck had it, I made a miraculous comeback and beat him. We got back to my house and I told him it was time to pay up. He didn't want to let me wedgie him and it seemed like he was going to wimp out. We started wrestling and I grabbed his underwear and started to pull. At the same time, he undid my jeans, and grabbed my balls. He said that I could wedgie him but he was going to keep his hand on my balls to make sure I didn't pull too hard and if I did, he was going to squeeze!. I didn't like the idea, but there was no other way he was going to let me give him the wedgie...I started to wedgie him, but every time I started pulling too hard, he squeezed my balls, which obviously wasn't too pleasant on my end!...so, I tricked him. I gave one last tug and said I was done. As soon as he let go of my balls, I tackled him on the bed and gave him a huge wedgie and Melvin! I pulled so hard that I ripped his briefs! He tried to get me back, but I out-maneuvered him at every turn. Finally, with his briefs practically in shreds, he went into the bathroom to de-wedge. We had other wedgie bets after this. I'll try to remember some of the situations and post at a later date.

WedgieBoy's First Wedgie
I was nine. I was at my cousin's house in Oakland. He's one month to the day younger than I am but he has always been bigger than I have. I was in his room playing on his Nintendo when he came in to play too. I had his favorite controller and started messing with him telling him he would have to use the other one. I was being a jerk to get a reaction from him. We started wrestling over it and I covered it with my body while he was trying to get it. This put me face down on the floor. He jumped on my back with his weight on my shoulder blades and his legs pinning my arms under me. I tried to push up with my legs to throw him off me but he was too big. I was now there on my knees with my chest pinned to the ground and my butt in the air giving him perfect access to give me my first wedgie. He grabbed the waistband of my briefs and gave a quick, hard yank. I'll never forget the feeling as the fabric rode up my crack and both leg openings slid in tight. I tried to push my legs out from under me but he was already pulling up hard enough that my legs came off the floor and I was suspended by my underwear. He then grabbed both leg openings and gave a few quick hard yanks. I could feel and hear my briefs starting to rip. About then, his mother called up from downstairs to say that my cousin's best friend was here. My cousin yelled down to send him on up. I told him to get off me so I could get straightened up but he told me it would be much more fun with an extra friend. I could hear Mike come in, "Quick, shut the door and come help". Mike grabbed my feet and pushed them up so my heels were hitting my butt. My cousin then hooked the leg openings of my briefs over my shoes. Mike grabbed one of my cousin's belts and they rolled my on my side and used the belt to strap my wrists together in front of me. Any struggling caused me to increase the pain of my own wedgie as my feet would pull my briefs even tighter. I told them I was going to yell for his mom so my cousin grabbed the underwear off the floor he'd worn the day before and shoved them in my mouth. He used another belt to hold the gag in place. They pulled my shirt up, over my head and down my arms and gave me titty twisters. My cousin pantsed me leaving me no dignity at all. They left me like that for about an hour while they played Nintendo. That night, we talked about it. I finally admitted that I kind of liked it and he confessed that he had been planning it with Mike for over a week.